Ask Moses: Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?


Dear Moses,

Our cat was a frisky kitten, but now that he's grown up he sleeps most of the day, and then goes right to bed with us at night.  Is that normal?

– Concerned About Our Sleepy Cat

Dear "Concerned", 

We cats do love to sleep, sometimes as much as 20 hours a day, but 16 to 18 hours is more typical.  

Since we are top tier predators, we need to save up energy for our hunting expeditions. We love to hunt and explore at dusk and dawn, which is why we're always so happy to have dinner at the same time you do, and why we like to wake you up at 5 a.m.  …

Top 10 Tips for Camping with Your Dog


by Dr. Michael Shaff

Camping with your dog can be great fun for your family and pet, but there are some important steps to keep in mind before, during and after your trip:

  1. Current Vaccines: Your dog may be exposed to other dogs or wild animals during your trip. Make sure your pet is protected from the possibility of picking up a life-threatening illness – check that all your pet's vaccines are up to date. We recommend a Lyme Disease vaccine as well.
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