Danger: your pet will eat anything!

by Dr. Lance Weidenbaum


Some pets will eat anything they can find, no matter how large or unfoodlike. 

The August 2012 issue of Veterinary Practice News contains a feature article about their annual Pet X-Ray Contest. 

The photos here are a sample of the many alarming X-rays included in the article. This one-year-old mastiff was adopted from a shelter complete with an 8-inch ratchet wrench in his gut. 



Other items swallowed by cats and dogs included an entire fishing pole, a rubber bone, gravel, piano wire, sewing machine needles, a pincushion, a whole beef rib, tweezers, nails, a 9-inch screwdriver, electrical cords, fishhooks, chess pieces, NERF darts, rocks, hair ties, baby pacifiers, tinsel, and more.

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