Ask Moses: My dog loves the red dot a little too much! 2


Dear Moses,

We bought a laser pointer for our cat to play with, but our dog gets a lot more excited about that bright red dot than our cat does. But now we can't even turn on a flashlight without him going bonkers and chasing it. Why is he like that? 

– Dog has Gone Bonkers

Dear "Bonkers", 

Even though dogs don't see the color red very well, that doesn't mean they can't tell light from dark. Laser pointers are bright and interesting. …

Hurricane Preparedness for Pets

County Evacuation Shelters That Allow Pets

Pre-registration at pet friendly county shelters is required. Do not wait until a storm is coming! Register now.

Broward County Hurricane Pet Shelter Pre-registration

Palm Beach County Hurricane Pet Shelter Pre-registration 

Dogs rescued after Hurricane Katrina in a FEMA holding area.

by Dr. Lance Weidenbaum and Dr. Michael Shaff

Hurricane season has just started, and it's time to make your preparations for the year. Your pet needs to be included in those preparations. 

We all remember the images after Hurricane Katrina of dogs standing on the roofs of flooded houses and cats swimming after rescue boats crying for help. The Congressional Friends of Animal Caucus estimated that 250,000 companion animals and 350,000 livestock were lost or killed during Katrina, in part because no evacuation plan for animals was in place. …

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