Why does my indoor pet need vaccinations?


by Dr. Lance Weidenbaum

Clients frequently ask us if their indoor dog or cat really needs vaccinations. The answer can be different for each household, so I'll explain some of the concerns we consider when we evaluate your pet. Vaccines are designed to prevent some of the worst diseases your pet can be exposed to, saving your pet's life, the lives of other animals, and possibly your life. 

Even indoor pets are exposed to diseases: Many people believe their indoor pets will not be exposed to any diseases, but this is a misconception. …

Will my pet be different after neutering or spaying?


by Dr. Michael Shaff

Many people are afraid that their dog or cat will be a different "person" after spaying or neutering. 

Other people worry that their pet will miss out on having a "love life". Still others have heard from friends that a female animal should not be spayed until after the first litter, or that early spaying and neutering can cause diseases later in life.    

We can reassure you that both medical and scientific studies show that 

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