Should I shave my pet? Do pets get sunburned? And other hot weather tips for pet life in South Florida.


by Dr. Michael Shaff

One of our clients asked this week if he should shave his pets to help them handle Florida's heat and humidity. South Florida can be hot year around – even in the winter months we sometimes get temperatures in the mid- to high 80s. Here are some tips about how to keep your pet safe and comfortable in our tropical climate. 

Shaving depends on the pet

We recognize that there are people who advocate for shaving your dog and people who are against it. 

Ask Moses: Why doesn't my cat use the scratching post?


Dear Moses,

We bought our cat a nice tall scratching post with sisal on it, but he still sharpens his claws on the dining room carpet. We don't want to declaw him, but we don't understand why he doesn't like his scratching post. What can we do? 

– Frayed Carpet

Dear "Frayed", 

You did the right thing by buying a nice scratching post – I'd sure use it! We cats use scratching to shed old covering from our nails, and to mark our territory. …

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