Elderly Pets Part 2 – Arthritis and Your Pet

by Dr. Lance Weidenbaum and Dr. Michael Shaff

Elderly dog lying on his back basking in the sun.

As dogs and cats age they suffer many of the same conditions that affect their owners. Arthritis is common in older animals and is just as painful and frustrating for them as it is for us. We routinely check older pets for flexibility and mobility, to identify any problems, yet we are not with your animals on a daily basis. Your help is needed to ensure they live comfortable and healthy lives, so please alert us when you notice changes in their condition.

Ask Moses: How does pet insurance work?

The handsome face of Moses the cat.

Dear Moses,

We keep hearing about pet insurance and seeing the brochures in your lobby, but we don't understand how it works. Can you explain it?

– Confused by Options

Dear "Confused", 

Pet health insurance works a bit differently than human health insurance. You will pay your veterinary bill up front, and then be reimbursed directly by your pet insurance policy. The reimbursement depends on what services are covered by your policy, as well as your deductible and co-pay, if applicable.

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