Our Team

Photo of Dr. Lance Weidenbaum swimming with a dolphin.

Dr. Lance Weidenbaum, DVM

Dr. Weidenbaum founded Deer Run Animal Hospital on January 7, 1985. He chose veterinary medicine as his career because "it gives me the opportunity to do something I love, something that combines the mind with the hands, and intellect with action. Animals make people so happy, and their owners suffer with them when animals are sick. Being a veterinarian allows me to meet people and their animals and help them solve these challenges."  He is accredited by the State of Florida, and graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in 1979. He has a Bachelor of Science from SUNY at New Paltz, and one year of doctoral anatomy studies at the University of Minnesota. Lance owns two boxers and a cockapoo. 

Staff photo: Dr. Michael Shaff

Dr. Michael Shaff, VMD

Dr. Shaff has been a practicing veterinarian since 1979. He has a special interest in internal medicine and dermatology. Veterinary medicine is part of his family – his father and a cousin are both veterinarians, so he grew up in the profession. Dr. Shaff says "I particularly enjoy teaching people how to take care of their new puppies and kittens, helping them get off with the right start so they'll get the best care and live long, healthy lives." He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and is married with two children. Michael owns two dogs, and spends free time in outdoor activities including bicycling, scuba diving, and snow skiiing. 

Staff Photo: Candee


Candee grew up working with animals, which led naturally to a career in animal health care. She started in her father's show dog kennel where she learned to handle and show dogs at an early age, and later owned her own kennel and boarding service. She went on to study Animal Sciences at Penn Foster and entered their Veterinary Technical Degree Program to attain AVMA accreditation as a veterinary technician. Previously Candee served as the Surgical Technician at the Animal Clinic of Grand Prairie in Texas, where she oversaw the surgical unit including coordinating all surgical procedures, administering anesthesia, and post-operative care.  "My passion is for the surgical side of veterinary care," she says. "Helping an animal that has injuries or illnesses needing surgery and then seeing that patient recover and become healthy again is the most gratifying, heart-warming feeling."   She has worked at Deer Run Animal Hospital since 2006, and owns two giant schnauzers, one mini dachshund, two cats, and  three pythons. 

Staff Photo: Moses the Cat


Moses joined the staff of Deer Run Animal Hospital in March 2004 when he was just a kitten. When his brothers and sisters left for permanent homes, he chose to stay and serve as host, foreman and sentry. He particularly enjoys greeting other cats when they come in as patients, but not all of them are happy to see him!  He can also be quite opinionated about who really rules the chair at the front desk. Moses has his own blog right on this website, Ask Moses, so if you have a question about why your pet does what it does, email us and we'll ask Moses for his insider perspective. 

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